Cornish Sea Horse gin is produced by the Short Distilling Company owned by Coralie and Jon Short a husband and wife team with a love of everything gin!

They are based in North Cornwall and produce small batch gin with their beautiful still ‘ Skip’ using their own spring water and a range of botanicals that bring you crisp clean gin with punchy flavour.

The Three Starting Flavours

London Dry is a classic combination of 11 botanicals to bring you a gin that gives you everything you would expect from a London Dry gin but with just that bit extra.
Very versatile great used in cocktails and can take other flavour combinations well, alternatively perfect served with plenty of ice, twist of lime and a great tonic.

Orange Kuda is a combination of 13 botanicals that include Honey and Manuka to bring together a gin that has a fantastic Orange kick with a smooth finish. Great served with plenty of Ice, twist of Orange peel and a pinch of fresh basil leaf, mixed with a great tonic. The Orange Kuda Seahorse ( Hippocampus Kuda) commonly know as ‘Sea Pony’ found in the Indo-Pacific on the rocky bottom clinging to sargassum seaweed.

Kelpie is a Navy Strength gin based on our London Dry recipe, which has a mixture of 12 botanicals. It is a clean dry gin with a Juniper finish. Great served with plenty of ice, sprig of thyme, a twist of grapefruit, served with a great tonic. A Kelpie is a celtic mythical water creature described as being horse-like.

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